Rite-Hite to Feature Smart Equipment at Modex 2022

ATLANTA (March 28, 2022) – Rite-Hite’s 2022 MODEX booth will feature a variety of smart controls and sensors, which connect the company’s loading dock and in-plant equipment with its Smart Data & Analytics platform.

“In today’s logistics landscape, it is critical for management to glean operational insights that lead to increased efficiency. Many of those insights come from captured data,” said Moiz Neemuchwala, VP of Rite-Hite’s Digital Solutions division. “That’s why we have added smart technology to our products and controls, using sensors to capture data relevant to productivity, safety, energy, and asset management and feed it into our Smart Data & Analytics platform for analysis.”

Rite-Hite will display Smart Data & Analytics capable smart equipment at MODEX ’22 (booth #7419), ranging from loading dock products and controls to in-plant safety warning systems and high-speed doors. Among the featured smart products will be:

  • Dok-Lok® vehicle restraints, which can track restraint engagement time to help identify unnecessary downtime between loading activities, monitor if restraint goes into fault mode due to misuse or faulty/missing rear-impact guards as well as alert dock attendants which docks are nearing costly detention and demurrage charges.
  • Dok-Guardian® safety barriers, which can help protect people and equipment from the dangerous 4-foot drop-off at the loading dock. When interlocked with a Dok-Lok vehicle restraint, the safety barrier provides a safe sequence of operation, helping establish productivity and safety thresholds during the loading/unloading process.
  • Safe-T-Signal® intersection warning system, which can track traffic patterns and frequently congested areas within a facility to help influence behavioral change, increase safety measures, and help reduce accidents related to warehouse traffic safety.
  • FasTrax® industrial doors, which can track energy usage and frequent trends like false activations and excessive opens to help address equipment faults and employee behaviors, determine maintenance needs, and reduce energy costs.
  • Rite-Vu™ Hazard Recognition and Control light system, which can monitor and alert workers of potential loading dock hazards. By way of motion-detection, audible alarms, interior monitors and LED lights, the smart system helps optimize productivity while keeping workers safe.

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