Improve Dock Security

Properly outfitted docks enhance safety while reducing the risk of damaged or stolen products.

Improve Dock Security

Cargo theft should be top-of-mind with plant managers. What was once thought to be an opportunistic crime has now become highly organized, with operations in place that match buyers with targeted shipments. Some thefts occur at truck stops or other unsecured points on the road, but many more actually take place in seemingly secure areas, such as warehouse yards and loading docks. Thefts (or tampering) at loading docks and drive approaches are becoming more prevalent. Three areas of the loading dock can be upgraded to better defend against cargo theft:

  1. Find the right automatic vehicle restraint.
  2. Consider vertical-storing dock levelers.
  3. Effectively seal the dock perimeter.

Securing a loading dock isn’t usually as simple as installing one product. In most instances, a systematic approach must be taken. Finding the right combination of automatic vehicle restraints, vertical dock levelers, appropriate seals/shelters and the proper sequence of operation enhances cargo security, protects employees, reduces contamination and improves environmental conditions.

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