If you’re using snow brushes for trucks or buses to remove rooftop snow, you need a FleetPlow™

Clearing snow from your fleet is essential after a winter snowstorm. So is protecting your employees and your bottom line. Every minute your team spends using a laborious hand tool like a bus or tractor trailer snow brush or rake puts your team and your company at risk for unwanted injuries and extra costs.

Using Manual Clearing Tools Like a Snow Brush for Trucks and Buses is Not Safe

Rooftop snow and ice removal using snow brushes and snow rakes is dangerous. Slips and falls on ice and snow, or heart attacks due to physical exertion can put employees out of work and could jeopardize their earning potential over a lifetime.

Plus, injuries caused by manually removing snow from your fleet with snow brushes and rakes can be painful on your bottom line.

                                          The cost of injuries

A sprain caused by a fall on ice while clearing a vehicle rooftop with brushes and rakes can cost your company thousands of dollars over and above those typically covered by workers’ compensation and insurance. Indirect costs add up quickly.

  • Lost wages due to work stoppage
  • Extra administrative time spent by supervisors, safety personnel, and clerical workers
  • Overtime costs necessitated by a reduced workforce.
  • Costs escalate higher for more severe injuries like fractures or heart attacks.

Automated Snow Removal is Faster and Less Labor Intensive Compared to Using Manual Snow Brushes 

Use fewer workers for snow clearing and take dramatically less time to remove rooftop snow. Consider this side-by-side comparison of FleetPlows and a representative manual snow removal process using snow brushes.

                                              Truck Brush Costs

Measure the Costs Associated with Manual and Automated Snow Clearing Methods

Use our savings calculator to compare the costs associated with snow clearing from your fleet with a snow brush vs automated snow clearing with a FleetPlow. You can use data from your fleet, or use our sample data to quickly compare estimated yearly operational costs of both methods.

FleetPlow Snow Removal Machines Automate the Snow Clearing Process so you no longer need to Clear Rooftop Snow Using Manual Snow Removal Equipment 

FleetPlows are much faster and safer than using snow brushes for trucks and buses. They put your fleet where you need it to be – on the road quickly and safely.

  • Clear 24” of snow in less than 30 seconds with a push of a button.
  • Prevent employee injuries and the associated costs

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