Fine-Tuning Your Warehouse Layout

Developing an efficient and safe warehouse can be challenging. Here is some advice from Walt Swietlik, director of customer relations and sales support for loading dock equipment company Rite-Hite.

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Fine-Tuning Your Warehouse Layout

  1. Know your business requirements. Before you design your facility, examine your books. The data will show you what to expect in terms of stock turns, returns, and volume, which is the starting point for determining the size of the warehouse, the storage capacity required, and the number of dock stations needed.
  2. Be prepared for an onslaught of intermodal traffic. Look at the length and type of trailers coming in and out of your warehouse, and pay attention to whether or not intermodal traffic is increasing. Intermodal chassis are often a different height than standard trailers and may have an obstructed rear impact guard. It is important to make sure docks and restraints can accommodate both.

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