The Essentials of Dock Maintenance

Overlook the condition of your docks, and you will pay a price. But it doesn’t have to be that way. It can be as straightforward as inspect, clean, lubricate, adjust and document—and you can save as much as 18% in maintenance costs.

The Essentials of Dock Maintenance

Dock maintenance is easy to overlook. After all, the point of docks, whether you have two or 100, is to receive goods and ship goods without interruption. And that last word is right where the importance of dock maintenance becomes painfully visible.

“Everyone is aware of the need for dock maintenance,” says Rich Schlesinger, manager of U.S. distribution sales at Entrematic, which supplies Kelley and Serco dock equipment.

But as he points out, maintenance may take a back seat to moving goods daily. After all, the typical dock accommodates 100,000 crossings a year.

“When docks are down, they will cost you money,” says Trip Boland, district sales manager at Arbon, the wholly owned service and installation arm of Rite-Hite. Improper maintenance causes 70% to 85% of all equipment failures, he adds. And there’s more to gain with a planned maintenance program than just eliminating as many emergency renewal/repair costs as possible.

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