5 Ways to Make a Wheel Chock Smarter

In 1978, OSHA standardized the use of wheel chock (29 CFR 1910.78) to secure vehicles at the dock, helping to address accidents such as unexpected trailer horizontal separation. Although the basic function of wheel chocks hasn’t changed in over 40 years, advancements in rear-impact guard design and tractor trailers have added potential loading dock risks not previously experienced in 1978. And with the introduction of mechanical vehicle restraints in 1980 with the Original Dok-Lok®, simple wheel chocks no longer provide the level of security needed for a productive, safe loading dock in the 21st century.  

Rite-Hite’s® Global Wheel Chock is an advanced chock system that does a lot more than traditional rubber wedge wheel chocks. By integrating light communication systems and smart controls, the Global Wheel Chock helps to reduce confusion while allowing for the future integration of Rite-Vu™ Hazard Recognition and Control products. It’s also a great alternative if your facility needs control at the loading dock, but you cannot install a Dok-Lok or Wheel-Lok system at this time. It’s also perfect if you work with specialty trailers, intermodal containers, or lift-gate trailers.  

Here are five things about a smart wheel chock system that may surprise you. 

5 Ways to Make a Wheel Chock Smarter

1. Reduce movement during loading and unloading to prevent trailer creep.

The Global Wheel Chock is designed with an extra long footbed so the tire can maintain a continuous downward pressure on the chock. Its shallow front angle also allows weight to be distributed from the trailer and onto the chock, increasing the frictional resistance from the approach to the tire, as well. 

2. Provide 360 degrees of communication.

The Light Communication feature facilitates communication between the truck driver and the loading dock attendants. Rite-Hite  controls automatically communicate via red/green lights to let the driver know when it’s safe to pull-in or pull-out from the loading dock position. To improve dock safety, the Global Wheel Chock also senses when it has lost contact with the tire and alerts the team via the inside control box.  

3. Provide custom, flexible dock safety solutions.

The manually-positioned smart wheel chock can be placed on the right side facing dock or left side facing dock, and it can be re-assembled in the field to either side. The coil cord can be stretched up to 10 feet from the control box and it does not need a retaining plate companion. 

4. Unlimited integrations with Rite-Vu™ Hazard Recognition and Control

The Global Wheel Chock works seamlessly with Rite-Hite controls, adding ultra-sonic sensors to the smart wheel chock panel to communicate directly with the controls. If paired with Dok-Commander®, level controls, overhead door push buttons and dock light switches can be also be combined into the controls. The control panels can integrate audible and visual alarms such as Approach-Vu™, which utilizes a light and horn system to present a clear visual and audible warning to pedestrians in the drive approach when a backing vehicle is detected. Pedestrian-Vu™ which detects activity inside of a trailer by utilizing sensors on each side of the dock door aimed inside of the trailer. If motion is detected, an intense flashing blue light emits onto the level which wanrs dock personnel to proceed with caution. Corner-Vu™ provides line of sight light communication to dock personnel entering the trailer while Leveler-Vu™ provides line of sight light communication for those exiting the trailer. Lok-Vu™ can be added as as well, utilizing a single or dual outside camera view displayed on the interior via a standalone power source and monitor. 

5. Offer peace of mind with proven reliability.

The Global Wheel Chock follows suit after other Rite-Hite vehicle restraints, which have been offering all-weather and low maintenance solutions for decades. The Global Wheel Chock combines smart technology with extruded aluminum, 275MPA yield material, and stainless steel hardware for endurance you can count on.

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