Trends in Cold Storage Equipment and Technology

As the refrigerated and frozen food industry continues its rapid growth, managers of cold storage facilities are increasingly looking for ways to keep pace without sacrificing safety or efficiency. Unfortunately, more shipments coming and going means more openings of freezer, cooler and loading dock doors, resulting in more opportunities for expensive conditioned air to escape and and/or for products to degrade. The increased pace and level of activity also means more potential accidents involving workers, automated guided vehicles (AGVs) and equipment. Fortunately, several new technology, equipment and design advances have taken place recently that can help facilities mitigate these challenges.

New equipment and technology are key to keeping pace in a cold storage facility. And although the refrigerated and frozen food category continues to expand at a record pace, a host of new technology and design concepts have come online recently to help facilities keep pace with demand. From drive-through loading docks and interlocked dock controls to high-speed door systems, companies nationwide are upgrading the equipment in their facilities with an eye toward enhanced speed, safety and environmental separation. Simultaneously, many are also implementing smart-enabled equipment and sophisticated logistics management software to protect workers and products, streamline operations and, ultimately, improve their bottom line.

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