Part 2 - Not-So-Obvious Reasons Curtain Walls are an Affordable Solution

Flexibility and maintenance can be huge costs for traditional rigid walls. See why they're no problem with fabric curtain walls. 

Part 2 - Not-So-Obvious Reasons Curtain Walls are an Affordable Solution

In part one, I covered the first of three not-so-obvious reasons that curtain walls are an affordable solution. In part two, I will reveal the final two reasons and both deal with long-term costs.

Reconfigure, Removal or Relocation
When the time comes to change things up for new equipment, new processes, or a new building, you have very minimal work to re-use the existing panels. You can add or delete from the linear runs of panels to make an area larger or smaller. Also, you can simply back the fasteners out of the curtain at the top and fold the panels up for storage when you want to reinstall, or dispose of within a matter of minutes. Lastly, you can fold the panels up and take them with you to a new facility or sister facility to be used again. Zoneworks can help you modify the product as needed and ship panels or connection pieces to you very quickly for expanded runs or changes in heights. There is no mess to clean up from demolition and it doesn't require a contracted crew to complete the demolition or the re-installation.

Should a fabric wall be ripped or torn, simply use our clear patch tape to pull the material back together and cover over the tear. Within 24 hours, the tape will actually cure to the vinyl fabric and you'll never know it has been torn. Should an entire panel need to be replaced, simply refer to the project specific drawings provided with each job and reference the number of the panel that needs to be replaced and we'll ship it within 24 to 48 hours.

There you have it; all three not-so-obvious reasons. The key take-away is this: From freight cost to finished fit, industrial curtain walls are the most affordable option for non-load bearing walls on the market and you simply can't afford not to consider a fabric curtain wall.

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