Part 1 - Not-So-Obvious Reasons Curtain Walls are an Affordable Solution

See how the installation of curtain walls is far more affordable than that of rigid walls.

Part 1 - Not-So-Obvious Reasons Curtain Walls are an Affordable Solution

For starters, let's just get the obvious reason out there. In general, fabric walls are a more affordable solution than rigid walls simply because of the materials used. Now, what are the not-so-obvious reasons that curtain walls are a sensible and affordable solution? In this quick, two part series we will look at three reasons. In part one, we will discuss reason one, which is:

With the cost of labor usually based on the number of man-hours needed to complete the work, it is important to minimize the length of the installation from start to finish. Compared to other building wall types (CMU-block wall, IMP-insulated metal panel, or stud/drywall), industrial curtain walls install much faster and with less intrusion on your process or day-to-day affairs and definitely with less mess.

With fabric walls, you typically don't have to remove product from racks and store off-site or in refrigerated trailers because we can simply slide our curtain wall panels behind racking without disturbing product. Additionally, in most situations, you won't have to remove and/or reinstall racking, which is very expensive and a major interruption to your business. Another big cost saver that everyone forgets about is industrial curtain walls don't require you to pour concrete curbing or install steel guarding to protect the bottom of the panel. Our panels are designed to be flexible and move when impacted and simply return to their natural hanging position when the offending obstruction is removed.

Also, since curtain walls are considered a "temporary barrier", they typically can bypass the permitting process that's required for other building wall materials, which can save time on the front and back end of the project and a few dollars as well. (However, we do encourage you to check with local building authorities.)

Lastly, we can typically ship entire large-scale projects in one semi-trailer so there is a reduced freight cost compared to the numerous shipments of insulated metal panels, tilt-wall or CMU blocks.

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