Rite-Hite’s ISO-Clean Glider Door For Critical Environments

Rite-Hite has introduced the ISO-Clean Glider, a specialized clean room door designed for critical environments within the life sciences industry. It is constructed from lightweight FRP (Fiber Reinforced Polymer) fiberglass and meets the stringent requirements set by regulatory bodies, including the U.S. Food & Drug Administration, ISO, Annex 1, and cGMP guidelines.

Key features of the ISO-Clean Glider include its Smart Seal system, which actively monitors the door's seals to prevent air pressure loss. This system utilizes torque sensing technology to detect seal disengagement or wear and promptly alerts employees through a Graphic User Interface (GUI) control panel. Additionally, a graphic alert appears on the Safe Alert system display within the door's header shroud for easy worker visibility. The Safe Alert system communicates essential information about the door's status, including countdown sequences for automatic closure and lockout status. This functionality is crucial in critical operations with interlocking doors, facilitating efficient traffic flow management.

The 7-inch LCD control panel of the GUI provides real-time door status updates, data collection, and secure control box access for workers without the need for personal protective equipment (PPE). This user-friendly interface aids in maintenance and troubleshooting processes, is smart-enabled for network connectivity, and can communicate with building management systems. It also supports ISO-Clean wireless interlock capabilities for up to 15 doors, enhancing environmental separation and control in sensitive areas by preventing access to staging rooms until specific conditions are met.

The door itself is constructed from a fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) "shell," ensuring an easily cleanable surface that is resistant to mold, mildew, and bacterial growth. The vision panels on the door are flush-mounted to minimize dust collection and microbial harborage.

The ISO-Clean Glider is available in two configurations: single slide and bi-parting models, offering flexibility to meet specific operational needs and spatial constraints in clean room environments. In summary, Rite-Hite's ISO-Clean Glider is an advanced clean room door solution that meets the strict requirements of critical environments in the life sciences industry. Its features, including the Smart Seal system and user-friendly GUI, are designed to ensure clean room integrity, safety, and reliability while promoting easy cleaning and hygiene maintenance.

Read the full article to learn how this product can be a valuable addition for organizations aiming to comply with stringent regulatory standards and maintain clean, controlled environments in the life sciences sector.

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