Why Buy Authentic Rite-Hite Parts

Equipment malfunction is an inevitable hurdle to deal with when running a facility. When the time comes to repair your equipment, your focus is to minimize downtime and ensure that your equipment is once again safe to operate. So, of the vast array of replacement parts to choose from, how do you determine which type are the best for your situation?

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Why Buy Authentic Rite-Hite Parts

There’s nothing more frustrating than unnecessary downtime in your facility – especially at the loading dock. When your loading dock levelers, vehicle restraints, doors, or any other pieces of material handling equipment malfunction or break, efficiency plummets and headaches abound. Though the solution of part replacement is a simple one, deciding whether to install Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) or Aftermarket parts is rarely as easy. What are the major differences between OEM and Aftermarket parts? Does it really matter which type you install as replacements?

OEM parts are those created by the original equipment manufacturer, not a third party. These are engineered to fit the original manufacturer’s specifications to ensure optimum performance, and to minimize liability issues that can arise when equipment is modified with improper parts. There are many benefits to purchasing authentic, manufacturer made parts. At Rite-Hite, we manufacture and stock parts for all of our dock levelers, vehicle restraints, industrial and high speed doors, dock lights, and more. It is beneficial for you to use authentic Rite-Hite parts for many reasons:

Benefits of Buying Authentic Rite-Hite Parts:

  • All genuine Rite-Hite loading dock replacement parts have a one-year parts and labor warranty, and come with a 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Safety. Rite-Hite's proven track record ensures delivery of quality parts without compromising your original installation
  • Parts designed and engineered to original equipment manufacturer's specifications ensure proper fit and optimum performance
  • Parts are immediately available and in stock at your local representative office and on all service trucks, to help reduce equipment downtime
  • Protections of assets and minimized liability issues which can arise when safety equipment is modified with improper parts
Aftermarket parts, on the other hand, are replacement parts manufactured as an alternative to OEM parts by a third party. These are typically manufactured at high volume to increase availability, and are usually available at a lower price. When produced at this volume, however, there is an inherent risk for improper fit; they are designed to solve functional issues for a variety of equipment, and therefore lack the specialization of manufacturer made parts. Additionally, a lower price point may sometimes indicate a dip in quality and lifespan of the part, making them an imperfect solution for some repairs.

Benefits of Buying Aftermarket Parts:

  • Widely available
  • Lower price point

Cons of Buying Aftermarket Parts:

  • Risk of improper fit
  • Lower quality materials
  • No offer of parts or service warranty
So, which type of product is the right solution for your equipment malfunction? The correct answer depends on the importance of the part, your budget, and whether you require a long-term or short-term repair. If you’re having difficulty making a choice, be assured that your local Rite-Hite service team is ready to help. Our business is focused on making your loading dock operations run efficiently, smoothly, and reliably – with highly trained service technicians who work with all brands of levelers and other dock equipment on a daily basis.

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