Improving Safety at Your Loading Dock

Keeping your facility safe from potentially catastrophic incidents can be a daunting task. And though there are hundreds of different types of facilities that need to be protected, there are certain procedures and best practices common to all of them that should be followed to keep everyone inside safe. 

Improving Safety at Your Loading Dock

June is National Safety month! Take this time to think about your facility. Are you doing everything you can to keep your workers and equipment safe? At Rite-Hite, our representatives are trained and certified to perform customized safety assessments throughout your facility and make recommendations to keep your loading dock operating at peak performance.
For most facilities, your loading dock, or material transfer zone, is the central hub of your operations, and it’s essential to the profitability of your organization that your loading dock and employees are up and running with limited down time. Now-a-days, a business simply cannot afford to hinder operations due to poorly operating equipment or work related injuries, particularly during critical times of the day, month, or year. You will be surprised to hear the high percentage of accidents that take place each year. Take a look at some of the stats: 
  • Every 3 days someone is killed in a forklift related accident
  • An additional 94,750 forklift related injuries are reported each year
  • $135,000,000 in immediate costs are incurred due to forklift accidents
  • 7% of forklift accidents occur when a lift truck is driven off a loading dock
  • 70% of all reported accidents could have been avoided with proper safety precautions
*, “Performance Metrics for Intelligence Systems Workshop” 2009

Don’t become another statistic! Your Rite-Hite representative is fully trained to come to your facility and help you identify potential dangers and provide recommendations for risk mitigation.  We will even provide on-site training and support so every employee has the knowledge they need to recognize the dangers at the loading dock. Here are some of the typical problems and hazards that Rite-Hite representatives find:

  • Potentials for catastrophic trailer separation accidents
  • Trailer drop
  • Insufficient visual communication
  • Potentials for falls from dock platforms and vacant loading docks
  • “Dock Shock”
  • Hot trailer marker lights that can cause fires
  • Poor environmental control at your loading dock
  • Poor area protection and pedestrian safety

Let National Safety Month be your motivation! Contact your Rite-Hite representative and schedule your safety assessment today!

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