HVLS Fans: Your HVAC System’s Best Friend

A growing number of decision-makers look to high-volume/low-speed (HVLS) ceiling fans maximize the efficiency and performance of air movement and help cut energy usage year-round.

HVLS Fans: Your HVAC System’s Best Friend

It is obvious that an HVAC system for any industrial facility is necessary for heating and cooling, but did you know you could save up to 30% off your energy bill by adding HVLS fans?  

HVLS, or high-volume, low-speed, fans are becoming an increasingly popular option for decision makers across the industry.  Their appeal comes from being able to complement both heating and cooling efforts.  While traditional high-speed ceiling fans spread air out quickly, diminishing their value for workers on the ground, HVLS fans move large volumes of air at a steady, light breeze, providing cooling well below at ground level.  During colder months, HVLS fans gently move rising, warm air back down to the floor where it is needed for employee comfort and efficiency.  

No matter the deficiencies in your facility's HVAC system, HVLS fans can be a practical and affordable solution for improved air movement and overall better environmental control. 

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