Temperature Control in Warehouses and Food Processing Plants

What is temperature control in food safety and what does it mean for warehouses?

It’s common for a warehouse, industrial facility or food processing plant to have temperature control requirements. Needs range from managing perishable food or pharmaceuticals to creating separation between two temperature zones or simply keeping employees comfortable.

In the case of food processing or food supply chain, time/temperature control for food safety requires very specific time and temperature controls to prevent unsafe bacteria growth.

Insulated Curtain Walls

Custom-designed to fit the desired space, modular Zoneworks soft walls can address a variety of temperature control requirements throughout your supply chain.

Insulated curtain walls, like Zoneworks’ TZ Insulated Curtain Walls, will allow you to create different, temperature specific areas in freezers, coolers or other specified areas. With proper implementation, this can help protect temperature-sensitive products and keep employees comfortable.

With a variety of temperature separation options, including 15°F (8°C), 35°F (20°C) and 40°F+ (22°C), you can choose the option that best fits your facility’s requirements.

For example, insulated curtain walls can be used to divide a freezer, so one section of it can be partitioned off to keep ice cream at -20°F, while other frozen products can be stored separately at higher temperatures. Additionally, the versatility of the insulated modular panels allows for the product to be custom-designed for each application.


Blast Freezer Curtain Walls

Particularly helpful for food manufacturers that need to flash freeze certain foods to a specific temperature to preserve quality and adhere to safety regulations, Zoneworks’ BZH Blast Freezer Curtains are a popular and recommended alternative to insulated panel doors that can be bulky and difficult for employees to move.

Constructed of insulated, sliding panels, these freezer curtain walls reduce cold blast cycle times and save on energy. They slide on an easy-to-use track-and-trolley system and have a flexible bottom sweep to reduce energy loss.

Insulated Door Blankets

The time will come when freezer or cooler doors break down and need to be replaced, or they may simply malfunction and need repairs. This is where Zoneworks® Insulated Door Blankets come in. Rather than watching the perishable contents spoil, insulated door blankets can be used as a temporary replacement to protect against loss of product while waiting on repairs or replacement.

Insulated Pallet Covers

Many of the situations discussed above deal with stationary areas that keep a steady temperature or bring contents to a desired temperature. For many warehouse operations, however, maintaining that temperature in its facility isn’t the end of the line for the required temperature control of its contents.

When it’s time to move these products, the process will often involve pallets. Standard pallets will do you no good in maintaining temperature, and that’s when utilizing insulated pallet covers can alleviate temperature concerns since they’re designed to maintain either the product’s hot or cold temperature in transition on pallets.

Proper temperature control for your warehouse or facility operations is often more of a requirement than an option. That’s why Rite-Hite’s Zoneworks insulated fabric walls and other products are designed for optimal temperature-control performance throughout the supply chain. Better yet, insulated curtain walls offer you the long-term flexibility to move or adjust them as your needs change, which is something insulated hard walls can’t do.

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