How Customizable Are Dock Doors?

Dock doors are a key part of warehouse facilities, but what happens when you need a new loading dock door that isn’t the standard dock door size?

Here at Rite-Hite, we offer customized overhead door configurations that are configured to meet the height and width of your loading dock space. It is important to know the standard commercial door sizes so that when you purchase a dock door, you don’t end up with the wrong dimensions!

Standard Commercial Dock Door Sizes

When it comes to sizing, there are few size options for commercial overhead doors. Ideally, you’d want to hit the 9’ wide range to accommodate most semi-truck beds. The most commonly seen dock door size is 8’ wide by 9’ high. Standard dock door heights can range anywhere from 8-10 feet, while commercial dock door width can range from 7’6” to 10’.

When you’re considering a new dock door for your facility, size is a big factor. Rite-Hite offers a flexible dock door that you can configure to meet your specific sizing needs.

Customizable Dock Door Configurations

Rite-Flex Impactable Dock Doors can be ordered to meet your unique width or height that you are in need of. These doors are assembled and configured to your exact sizing specifications. They’re also flexible to withstand multiple impacts.

With the ability to flex up to 12” when hit by a forklift, these customized overhead doors help keep maintenance costs and downtime to a minimum. With panels that can be replaced with a regular, ventilated, or vision panel, the Rite-Flex doors are unique for facilities with various needs.

Our industrial door service can help you with all of your commercial dock door needs. Not only will we examine your specific needs, but we’ll take a look at the usage of energy, maintenance costs, and impact of productivity to help narrow down the commercial door that is right for you.
The Rite-Hite representative in your local area will help guide you through the process of discovery when it comes to configuring your customized industrial loading dock door.

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