You Might Need a Fabric Curtain Wall If...

Curtain walls can augment nearly any manufacturing, production or distribution facility.  How might they help out your business today?

You Might Need a Fabric Curtain Wall If...

What's your challenge? Have you considered using fabric curtain walls? Well, you might want to consider a curtain wall if...

  • You have a warehouse full of cookies that you don't want absorbing the flavor of the extra strong mints stored a couple aisles over
  • You need to keep the dust produced during processing on one side of your plant from settling and contaminating the environment on the other side
  • You want to section off part of your beer cooler to store kegs of craft brews at a lower temperature than the rest of the inventory
  • You need to isolate and dampen sound from a piece of noisy production equipment to create a safer, more comfortable environment
  • You want to enclose some open loading docks to keep cold air from blasting in and chilling the entire facility, including your employees
  • You'd like to build a new facility and want a temporary way to create walls that can be removed or relocated in a couple years when your expected growth requires expansion
  • You have suffered long enough trying to effectively close off blast freezer cells and are looking for a real solution
  • You have a problem and no idea what the possible solution might be

Just about every manufacturing plant, processing facility, warehouse or distribution center has some sort of need for environmental separation or control that could be addressed with industrial fabric curtain walls. Because these systems are custom designed, with nearly infinite flexibility, they present a great alternative to traditional permanent walls and other limited structures. Suitable for interior and exterior applications, there's rarely an instance where flexible soft walls don't make sense.

All the applications above represent actual challenges that customers have come to us with, and we've been able to quickly, expertly and affordably design curtain wall systems to address. If you're dealing with an environmental challenge right now, you just might need a curtain wall.

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