Robotics Safety

As robotics quickly advance into manufacturing and warehouse applications, smart managers need to be sure they are keeping up with safety standards.

Robotics Safety

North American industrial safety standards have been playing catch-up with technological advances in robotics in recent years. Most plant managers and facility engineers have stayed up to date with these regulatory shifts. But those who haven’t are risking costly fines, injuries to workers and immeasurable harm to their organization’s reputation.

One of the best ways to ensure a safe work environment is by conducting a thorough risk assessment at regular intervals and especially whenever new automated processes are added. While this has always been a good practice, the CAN/CSA Z434 standard now mandates proper risk assessments any time automated equipment is added to a material handling operation. In many cases, automated barrier door systems are an ideal option to guard a machine and protect operators, ultimately increasing productivity and the level of safety for years to come.

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