How to Use HVLS Fans to Warm Up and Lower Energy Bills

HVLS Fans Move Trapped Warm Air

High volume, low speed (HVLS) fans push massive amounts of air downward. In winter, stratified air forms temperature layers, with the coolest air at the floor and the warmest air trapped at the ceiling. 

HVLS fans gently distribute the warm air at the ceiling towards the floor where it is needed. This mixing effect, known as destratification, creates a much more uniform air temperature from floor to ceiling which lowers the burden on your heating system. 


HVLS Fans Helps Reduce Energy Consumption

Warm air rises! In tall warehouses there may be up to a 30°F temperature difference between the floor-level workspace and the ceiling. By continually mixing air through the destratification process, HVLS fans can help diminish this problem, helping facility managers provide a more comfortable work environment. Facilities equipped with HVLS fans lower the burden on their heating system, reduce energy consumption and save money.

Your local Rite-Hite representative can perform a customized energy-loss assessment at your facility and help you justify your HVLS Fan investment. Typical payback period is under one year! 

Watch this video to learn more about how destratification can save you money this winter. 

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