Turning "Good" Problems into Opportunities

Are you anticipating your facility's needs?  Do you foresee expansion in your near future?  Don't get caught off guard.  See how curtain walls allow your business to remain flexible and efficient.

Turning "Good" Problems into Opportunities

Today's business world is fast-paced and full of winners and losers. Winners are proactive and anticipate the future needs of their businesses. They see problems before they arise and turn these challenges into opportunities that can lead to improved profitability. Winners are able to find the right solution to change a bad problem into a "good" one.

In many facilities, one foreseeable problem is related to the need for additional floor space.

interior and exterior Heavy-Duty Sliding wall

Imagine that your company introduces a new product that wildly exceeds initial projections, but there is not enough floor space to stock adequate inventory levels, finished goods, or manufacturing space. Picture having signed on a new customer that experiences greater growth than expected but you lack the floor space to support this growth. What if part of your business is seasonal and your space requirements have expanded this year?

In a winner's mind, all of these are examples of "good" problems. The challenge is now to find the right solution quickly to take advantage of the situation before it becomes an unrealized opportunity.

Surprisingly, you may have more space than you think. By simply re-configuring existing space with the use of industrial curtain walls you can create the needed space quickly and economically. Even better yet, you maintain the flexibility to easily reconfigure your existing space in the future. Additionally, fabric curtain walls can be used for a wide variety of purposes including temperature separation, wash down applications, containing heat, providing sound attenuation, controlling humidity, dust, and fumes, enclosing open loading docks, and many other applications.

So when it comes to floor space, how will you look at things? Will you take the winner's perspective and view it as a "good" problem? You know the right solution now so go out and take advantage of that opportunity!

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