Over 40 Years of Always Looking Ahead with Dok-Lok® Vehicle Restraints

On April 22, 1980, the vehicle restraint industry as we know it was born when Rite-Hite introduced the original Dok-Lok. The product of several years of research and development, the Dok-Lok has paved the way for Rite-Hite to become the industry leader across many product categories. But, do you know how the vehicle restraint industry has evolved over the past 40 years? Here is a brief timeline of how Rite-Hite has adapted to the ever-changing industry to remain on top:

1975: Trucking conference in Washington DC raised awareness of trailer separation accidents
1978: OSHA mandates standard 29 CFR 1910.78 requiring the use of wheel chocks at the dock
1980: Rite-Hite introduced the original Dok-Lok! Did you know 20 Fortune 500 companies placed orders prior to the initial launch?
1981: OSHA recognizes vehicle restraints as alternatives to wheel chocks
1992: Air-ride suspension trailers create new risk, “trailer creep” or “dock walk”. Rite-Hite also introduced the articulating nose extension to capture lower ICC bars.
1998: NHTSA adopts new Rear Impact Guard (RIG) standards. Rite-Hite responds with “fish hook” design to best capture RIG
2001: Rite-Hite vehicle restraint line expanded with new Vertical Barrier Restraints to accommodate live loading
2005: Rite-Hite responds to growth in air-ride trailers with Stabilizing Trailer Restraint to help minimize excess trailer movement
2009: Rite-Vu brings enhanced visual communication with Rite-Vu light communication systems, including Corner-Vu & Leveler-Vu
2012: Rite-Hite introduces the Shadow Hook rotating hook to help address obstructed RIGS, intermodal chassis and standard over-the-road trailers
2015: Rite-Hite introduces Generation 2 controls including the Dok-Commander with flexible circuitry paving the way for Smart technology
2017: With the release of Pedestrian-Vu, Approach-Vu and Lok-Vu, Rite-Vu Hazard Recognition and Control incorporates audible and visual sensors and alarms to help protect pedestrians on and off forklifts, inside and outside at the loading dock
2019: Rite-Vu Hazard Recognition and Control features are made available as standalone, extending safety to Every Dock, at any budget, anywhere in the world
2020: Rite-Hite introduces a Smart Data and Analytics Platform and Dock Management and Communication Software, launching Rite-Hite into the Smart space at the loading dock and in-plant

As we look ahead to the future of loading dock technology, Rite-Hite continues to lead the industry with solutions aimed to improve the safety, security and productivity of our customers for the next 40 years. 

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