5 Tools Leading the Way For a Safe & Efficient Loading Dock

Efficient loading docks help to eliminate unnecessary delays, keeping customers satisfied, while helping to improve safety and productivity.

5 Tools Leading the Way For a Safe & Efficient Loading Dock

5 Tools Leading the Way for a Safe & Efficient Loading Dock

Efficient Loading Dock

“Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.” Abraham Lincoln 

Having the right tool for the job at hand is certainly ideal and it’s no different when pursuing maximum efficiency at your loading dock. An efficient loading dock helps to eliminate unnecessary delays, keeping your customers satisfied, while helping to improve safety and productivity. Technology advancements have created even more options for improving efficiency in this fast-paced environment – many are designed to improve communication and control. 

5 Tools Leading the Way for a 

Safe & Efficient Loading Dock:


LED Lights with Motion Sensing Technology

Improve visibility inside the trailer with LED dock lights. LED lights save energy and are longer-lasting than incandescent bulbs. A durable and impact resistant light is ideal and one with a multi-articulating arm (that doesn’t sag) will help keep light right where it’s needed.

Consider LED lights with motion sensing technology like the Flex Neck; the light dims after a period of inactivity to save energy and, when fork trucks are backing up the bright light is reduced, avoiding unnecessary strain on the eyes.

The Coolman® 2500 Trailer Fan with the optional dock light will help keep your dock workers comfortable and productive while manually loading and unloading parcels.

Get the Right Sequence

An interconnected system ensures a safe sequence of operation by preventing one system from operating until another has already been initiated. The Dok-Commander allows you to create a customized sequence of operation, reducing the chances of human error and unsafe practices. 

A common sequence of operation requires that a vehicle restraint is properly engaged before an overhead door can be raised and/or a dock leveler can be operated. And, more recently this sequence has incorporated open dock drop-off protection. 

Additionally, the new Lok-Vu™ Trailer Presence Monitor provides instant confirmation that a trailer is present and secured. Watch this video to learn more.  

An Additional Layer of Safety During Loading and Unloading

Loading and unloading docked trailers means limited visibility for people on and off of forklifts; material handlers in the trailer may not see activity on the loading dock floor and oftentimes workers on the loading dock can’t see what’s happening inside the trailer. Stay a step ahead of these hazards with Pedestrian-Vu™. It features motion sensors that detect activity inside of a trailer then communicate a warning, with an intense, flashing blue light on the dock leveler, to pedestrians and material handling operators maneuvering the loading dock.


Hazard Recognition and Control

Help protect people on and off of forklifts, inside at the loading dock and outside on the drive approach. The newly expanded Rite-Vu™ System is comprised of four separate products, and each one helps you detect, communicate and control potential hazards at the loading dock using motion detection, line-of-sight notifications, and audible alarms.


Keep Dock Workers Comfortable

Dock doors with ventilation panels allow outside air in while still keeping the dock door closed. 

High volume, low speed (HVLS) fans improve air circulation and remove pollutants specific to the loading dock area plus increase the overall comfort of your dock workers. 

Loading dock seals and shelters also help to keep outside elements from entering your facility which can compromise employee safety and reduce overall comfort.

Using the right tools can help you create a safer and more productive environment at your loading dock. 

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