Introducing the Zoneworks Curtain Wall Virtual Installation App

Introducing the Zoneworks Curtain Wall Virtual Installation App

Want to see how a fabric curtain wall might look inside your facility? Rite-Hite has an app for that.

How the Curtain Wall App Works

Step 1: A Rite-Hite representative takes a photo of your facility.

Step 2: Your rep then draws a curtain wall with the touch of a finger.


Step 3: You are able to see how the curtain wall will look and can have it e-mailed to you.

The app is designed to give you a general idea of how a Zoneworks curtain wall might look in your application. It can be a very helpful visual tool and often sparks more design ideas. This is what happened with a customer in the printing industry.

Virtual Installation App Case Study:

The customer purchased a new HP printing system and HP said they needed to maintain a 50% humidity level in the plant for the machine to work properly. The customer weighed the cost of building a hard wall enclosure around the printer or adding a humidifier system for the whole plant. Both options were expensive and had more cons than pros.

A Rite-Hite representative visited the customer and discussed using a flexible curtain wall system instead, and put some budget numbers together. He also used the Zoneworks Virtual Installation app to create a visual on how the curtain system would look in their plant. The photo raised more ideas which led to some design changes.

The customer loves the new curtain wall system. A 3-sided wall with vision panels and impact doors was installed. A small humidifier is all they needed to create the desired humidity level. The curtain wall is performing beyond their expectations. Better yet, the cost of the Zoneworks curtain wall system was over 60% cheaper than the other options.


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