Create Cooled Areas in Your Plant Easily and Affordably

Keep your employees in mind.  See how curtain walls can optimize your current A/C system.

Create Cooled Areas in Your Plant Easily and Affordably

It's HOT, you say? Think about how your employees feel right now. Loss in productivity caused by extreme heat and the potential for heat stress related incidents is a good reason to consider adding some light HVAC to areas of your facility. The good news is it can be done more easily and affordably than you think.

Now, I'm not saying that you have to drop air-conditioning all over your plant, but there are probably some key areas that could use the relief. In order to cool just these areas, you need to cordon them off from the rest of the facility. To do this easily and affordably, avoid permanent walls. Insulated curtain walls can do the same job, but don't require a carpentry crew and there are no hard costs for concrete curbs, protective railings, studs, and metal framework on a basic wall so they cost less and are easier to install.

By successfully zoning your plant, you are able to more efficiently cool your plant, which allows you to save money on a smaller, more affordable HVAC system. Moreover, if you look at the electrical cost of running misting fans and spot coolers, you might be able to cover a significant amount of the cost for the HVAC system.

Keeping employees comfortable and more productive is the goal of creating cooled areas and you can achieve this objective more easily and affordably than you think.

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