Benefits of Adopting a Paperless Logistics Management System with Dok-Vu


Modern Materials Handling sat down with cold storage 3PL, Arctic Cold Storage, to discuss how moving to a paperless logistics management system changed things for the better - and why they're not looking back!

Like oil prospectors drenched in bubbling crude, materials handling professionals have found mixed blessings as they tap into rich veins of data. The process of refining a gusher into actionable intelligence can seem overwhelming, especially when some companies have already achieved baron status following end-to-end digital transformations. For the rest, success stories are often characterized by limited scope and iterative improvement.

Dock operations may not be the first drilling site that comes to mind, but one Midwest third-party logistics (3PL) warehouse has discovered barrels of value after modernizing the manage-ment of dock equipment, processes and workers. Brian Kunkel, operations manager for Arctic Cold Storage, recalls approaching longtime partner Rite-Hite with a specific pain point.

“When it started three years ago, we were thinking about a program to look at energy use and some basic dock management,” Kunkel says. “It was nothing like what it has evolved into today.”

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