A New Approach to Contain Harmful Noise

High levels of noise in a workspace can cause the feeling of being tired or a minor hearing disfunction, like a ringing in ears or the sensation of being “stuffed up.” But, in the long run, consequences can be much more severe – including increased stress, decreased productivity, a higher degree of worksite accidents and, in many cases, permanent hearing damage. The CDC even reported that prolonged noise exposure may be detrimental to more than just the ears, potentially affecting blood pressure and leading to cardiovascular diseases.

Flexible curtain walls offer further advantages. These fabric-covered walls can be easily cleaned with simple detergent and water. Acoustic curtain walls not only mitigate noise transmission, but they have been engineered to provide thermal insulation for the prevention of condensate or frost buildup. They also protect against the movement of dust, fumes, smoke and other particles.

Constant loud noises in the workplace are a significant health hazard to employees. Flexible acoustic curtain walls offer a relatively new approach to providing employee safety and comfort. Modifying a workspace can be an expensive hassle, but it doesn’t have to be.

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