Episode 1: Challenges Facing Industrial Facility Managers

Interested in learning more about the latest trends, innovations and challenges in the material handling, loading dock and facility management industry? Tune in to the inaugural episode of Rite-Hite’s new podcast, Rite from the Source.

This month’s episode features Rite-Hite’s Director of Customer Relations and Sales Support, Walt Swietlik. With over 37 years of experience at Rite-Hite, Walt is a wealth of loading dock and material handling industry knowledge. As the head of Rite-Hite’s unique Fly-In Program, he is particularly in tune with the modern innovations, trends, and challenges faced by facility managers every day. Walt’s daily interactions with business leaders in the Food & Beverage, Pulp & Paper, and Automotive industries, among others, provide him with valuable insight into solutions for increasing industrial facility efficiency and improving the well-being and safety of workers.

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Episode 1 – Challenges Facing Industrial Facility Managers:

Rite from the Source Podcast
  • Everyday challenges faced by facility managers
  • Common issues addressed by people in the material handling industry
  • New industrial facility industry trends and questions at the loading dock and in-plant
  • The Rite-Hite Fly-In Program experience


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