Enhancing Safety with Lights and Alarms at the Loading Dock

Commonly a low-tech part of an industrial facility, the loading dock carries some seriously high risk. Trailer separation accidents, forklift and pedestrian collisions, and other mishaps can lead to injuries, product and facility damage, lawsuits and a bad reputation.

According to OSHA, more than 20 people are killed by semi-trucks at loading docks every year, and forklift-related fatalities occur every three days. Non-fatal forklift accidents are even more commonplace, with 94,750 reported cases per year. It is estimated that $135 million in direct costs are related to these accidents and indirect costs are likely five times that amount.

Whatever the exact cost is, it is unnecessarily high — particularly when considering that 70 percent of these accidents can be prevented with equipment and technology that already exists. Most of this technology clearly communicates dangers to forklift operators and other workers using LED lights. Some of this technology includes audible alarms for an additional layer of security.

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