Rite-Hite Dok-Lok Universal Restraint Meets Evolving Needs

Rite-Hite is reinventing the vehicle restraint category with the introduction of the Dok-Lok SHR-5000. This new restraint uses a patented “shadow hook” design to secure traditional trailers, as well as intermodal container chassis and trailers with rear-impact guard obstructions.

The universal design of the SHR-5000 is intended to meet the evolving needs of loading dock operators and the rise in intermodal container traffic, which was up 8.2% in 2014, according to the Intermodal Association of North America. In addition to having a wide vertical engagement range (9 to 30 inches), the SHR-5000 incorporates a shadow hook that provides another layer of safety when dealing with rear-impact guard obstructions.

When the SHR-5000 is activated, the hook attempts to wrap around the rear-impact guard. If the hook comes in contact with a rear-impact guard obstruction, the shadow hook pivots to secure the trailer in place. If the trailer moves, the shadow hook locks in the safety stop, which helps prevent a variety of trailer separation accidents.

Besides safely securing trailers and intermodal containers, the SHR-5000 is a physical theft deterrent and can interface directly with security systems to help prevent trailer theft.

The SHR-5000 is engineered to withstand harsh conditions of a loading dock environment. Its solid steel construction can withstand repeated contact with trailers backing in and out of the loading dock area, while extension springs provide superior upward force against rear-impact guards to keep a trailer secure during loading—even with air-ride trailers. The SHR-5000 features a corrosion-resistant finish and an IP-66 rated motor to prevent water and dust infiltration. This unit stores above ground to stay clear of ice, snow, and debris.

The SHR-5000 comes standard with the Rite-Vu Light Communication System, which provides clear, constant communication of restraint status to the truck driver, forklift operator, and loading dock personnel. Besides lights on the control box, the system features Corner-Vu lights located in the upper corners of the interior dock door. These lights provide a visible status report as the forklift driver enters the trailer. Leveler-Vu lights also are mounted on the dock leveler to confirm restraint status as the forklift driver exits the trailer. Rite-Vu provides real-time communication at multiple touch points to keep dockworkers safe while loading and unloading. 

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