How to Divide Warehouse Space with Temporary Curtain Walls

Change is constant in warehouse environments – changing products, changing demands, changing tenants and layouts. With these changes often comes the need to divide the warehouse space. Permanent, hard walls can do the job, but they aren’t temporary or movable, which can result in big challenges long-term. That is why many warehouse managers are choosing to use industrial curtain walls to partition their spaces.

Warehouse curtain walls offer flexibility, which comes from their construction. Curtain walls are modular, flexible panels that are attached together using hook and loop fasteners. This simple design allows industrial curtain partitions to be custom-designed for each application– length and height, stationary or sliding, insulated or non-insulated, fitted with doors and vision panels or not – while offering the opportunity to reconfigure or relocate the walls in the future. This makes movable curtain walls ideal for warehouses and the day-to-day changes you might encounter.

Changing Products

As a warehouse manager, you have just been informed that you will need to store a new product that requires a conditioned space. You choose to use Zoneworks curtains and dividers to create a new area in the warehouse with temperature control. The insulated curtain walls arrive and installation takes just a few days, with no dusty mess or facility shutdown. You now have the space for this new product and feel great knowing that these temporary curtain walls can be changed as needed when the next project is announced.

Changing Demands

There is a big push to cut energy costs in the warehouse, and you know right away that the open loading dock is the place to start. You understand the positive impact that separating the loading dock area from the rest of the facility would have, so you contact your local Rite-Hite rep. Working together, you order a loading dock enclosure that is installed and fitted with three high-speed doors for fast, easy access. The results are felt immediately by the workers in the warehouse and, more importantly, by the accountants in the front office.

Changing Tenants and Layouts

Suppose you are a warehouse owner, and a potential tenant is interested in your facility. The only challenge is they want a wall installed between them and the other tenant for privacy and separation. Oh, and it needs to happen in the next three months. After considering the cost and time required to build a traditional hard wall, you learn of temporary industrial curtain partitions. You discover that curtain walls can save you time and money, while accomplishing your goals of privacy and separation, so you move forward with this plan. The warehouse curtain walls are installed weeks later and the new tenant stops in to check things out. They love the new walls and are impressed with how you were able to meet their tight requirements.

These scenarios represent real-life warehouse challenges in which temporary curtain walls could be used as a simple and affordable solution. The flexible, modular construction of Zoneworks industrial curtain walls offer many benefits that make them ideal for warehouse spaces. So, embrace  the changes, because now you know the solution to get the job done.

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