Loading Dock Bumpers Prevent Costly Damage

Regardless of how careful truck drivers can be, accidents on the drive approach will happen. Trailers hitting the loading dock is an inevitable consequence of the loading and unloading process that, if not properly addressed, can cause extensive damage.

Implementing loading dock bumpers; however, can prevent the costly damage associated with trailers hitting the dock - not only protecting your loading dock but your entire warehouse operation.

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Damage Prevented by Loading Dock Bumpers

When addressing trailers backing into the dock, a common assumption is that the damage is isolated to a wall or maybe to a piece of loading dock equipment. Despite the initial damage affecting that specific loading dock stall, there are subtle, overarching issues that can affect much more.


Building and Equipment Damage

Even if the damage caused by a trailer running into the loading dock is minimal, repeated accidents over time can cause extensive damage to not only walls and equipment but the foundation too. These repairs can potentially cost thousands of dollars to fix, and that’s not including costs associated with any downtime that results from the loading dock stall being temporarily closed.

Trailer Damage

The damage to the trailer itself shouldn’t be discounted. You may own the trailer outright or the owners/contractors may deem your lack of loading dock bumpers as negligent. This can negatively affect the relationship with vendors and cost you business.

Cargo Damage and Material Loss

Even at a crawling speed, there is tremendous force created when a trailer impacts the loading dock regardless of if it’s full or empty. This can cause violent movement to the trailer’s cargo, potentially damaging any sensitive contents.

Loading Dock Downtime and Delays

Sticking to a schedule creates efficiency in the loading/unloading process and increases vendor confidence. Damaged loading docks can lead to unscheduled maintenance that could potentially cause shipping/receiving delays. These setbacks will result in backups and can potentially hinder vendor relationships.

How Loading Dock Bumpers Help Prevent Damage

The goal of loading dock bumpers is simple: absorb the impact from trailers to protect your dock, the trailer and the trailer’s contents. That said, not all loading dock bumpers are applicable for every loading dock operation.

Rite-Hite offers a comprehensive line of warranty-backed loading dock bumpers to help protect your building and loading dock equipment investment.

The DokSaver® Loading Dock Bumper, for instance, is optimal for the most harsh loading dock conditions. Designed to withstand 75,000 lbs of pressure, the DokSaver® was designed to absorb and distribute load pressure over the entire back plate while featuring a design to eliminate steel rods by allowing the bumper to float upon impact.

Other loading dock conditions will require different dock bumper styles. If your dock area experiences excessive friction, the Steel Faced Loading Dock Bumper would be your solution. In addition, there are customizations to the bumpers available, including extra thick bumpers for use where dock seals are thicker than usual or where thickness is needed due to a declined approach, overhangs or other architectural features.

When determining the most effective bumper design and application for your operation, there are a variety of factors to take into consideration, including:

  • Dock approach
  • Dock height
  • Types of trailers serviced
  • Mounting face conditions and more

But once you have determined and installed the appropriate bumpers for your loading dock, you can’t just walk away. Just like the rest of your loading dock equipment, proper maintenance is necessary to ensure the integrity of the bumpers. Diligent monitoring of dock bumpers will let you know if any repairs or replacements are needed. You may notice warping, deep cracks, corrosion, metal-to-metal contact or that the bumpers are no longer shock absorbent. These are signs that maintenance is needed.

You can accomplish these preventative initiatives through scheduled, internally planned maintenance or you can include a loading dock bumpers check in your Rite-Hite Planned Maintenance Program (PMP). With a PMP, our factory-trained technicians will schedule ongoing, regular maintenance visits for all of your warehouse and loading dock equipment, including loading dock bumpers.

In many ways the loading dock is the heart of your warehouse operations, and it needs to be protected. Ignoring small damage from trailers hitting the dock is not an option. It’s not only putting that loading dock stall in jeopardy, it’s putting your entire loading dock operation in jeopardy.

The good news is that this costly damage can be prevented by a simple solution - implementing the appropriate loading dock bumper as part of your overall loading dock management initiatives.

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