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Episode 15: COVID-19, Employee Separation and Safety Measures

Interested in learning more about your industry’s latest trends and innovations? Tune into Episode 15 of of Rite-Hite’s podcast series, Rite From the Source.

This episode features Matt Fleckenstein, three-time resident expert on the podcast. In this episode, Matt talks about how the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way warehouses, DC’s, food and pharma, logistics companies, and more are doing business. From mask mandates and enhanced safety protocols to employee separation and ways to utilize loading dock equipment to enhance new or updated safety measures, Matt talks about ways to stay in business all while keeping employees safe. Tune in to this month’s episode to hear what he has to say!

Listen to Episode 15 Here:

  • Actions companies have taken to address safety for their employees.
  • Social distancing solutions to help separate workers in a facility or warehouse setting.
  • Ways loading dock equipment can help provide a safe working environment, post-pandemic.


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Rite from the Source Podcast  Rite from the Source Podcast 

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