Industrial Curtain Walls: Flexible Walls

Your business isn't static.  So why should your walls be static?  

Industrial Curtain Walls: Flexible Walls

What comes to mind when you hear this word: flexible? How about when it’s applied to walls? Kind of an interesting concept, isn't it? “Walls” are typically rigid, two dimensional structures, permanent in nature and not real dynamic in their application potential. Pretty limited in their “flexibility” it would appear. But what if we could expand the concept of a “wall” to include truly flexible structures that give you endless possibilities to control and contain your environment? THEN we’d have something interesting to talk about!

Industrial curtain walls aren't really a new concept. They've been used for years (decades, actually) in basic applications like separation of refrigerated warehouse space or as sliding barriers around open loading docks. What's new is the myriad ways these agile, adaptable structures are now being used in industrial environments. They are becoming increasingly popular, largely because of their uniquely flexible nature.

Flexibility feature #1: Fabric curtain walls can be used for just about anything. Temperature separation, heat containment, odor control, dust or fume containment, privacy, sound attenuation, wash-down…there really are very few environmental issues that cannot be addressed with these simple, cost effective solutions

Flexibility feature #2: Custom design and engineering allow industrial curtain walls to be configured in virtually any size, shape or dimension – making them rich with potential for varied applications. Constructed in modular panels of industrial vinyl and various insulating materials, they can be used in virtually any non-loadbearing situation.

Flexibility feature #3: Industrial curtain walls aren’t permanent. They can be quickly and easily reconfigured, relocated or removed as facility needs change. You sure can’t say that about a permanent rigid wall!

Consider the possibilities for building flexibility into your facility. Fabric curtain walls truly do represent "A Better Way. A Better Wall."

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