Industrial Revolution on the Horizon

Even as companies are just now realizing the full array of benefits provided by Industry 4.0, there is a new industrial revolution on the horizon that integrates mankind and machine in ways only sci-fi movies once imagined. Industry 5.0 promises a workforce of human and machine collaborators capable of lightning fast efficiency with reduced risk.

If Industry 4.0 allows people to work smarter, then Industry 5.0 is going to let facilities work harder. And that’s a good thing.

While technology will never come back down from the cloud created by Industry 4.0, this new wave of tech is poised to make a huge transformation to all those robots in manufacturing plants and material handling warehouses.

Recognizing how robotic procedures continue to advance at a rapid pace and seeing their surface mobility improve, the RIA developed a subcommittee in 2016 to develop standards for these new legions of mobile robots and passed the new RIA R15.08 in 2020. Here is a closer look at these standards and options available to meet today’s challenges.

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