Episode 6: Designing Effective HVLS Fan Layouts

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The sixth installment of Rite from the Source features Aaron Weigel, Engineering Project Manager for Rite-Hite Engineered Solutions Group. Aaron leverages his 20 years of industry experience during this in depth discussion about High-Volume, Low-Speed Fans: both the category’s major benefits as well as the engineering principles behind varied designs. The experience he gained during the development of Rite-Hite’s current Revolution Series of fans arms Aaron with valuable knowledge on how to increase productivity by reducing mold and mildew buildup, eliminating Sweating Slab Syndrome, and providing a comfortable workplace for employees.  

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Jon Schumacher

  • Primary benefits of HVLS fans
  • Key design features
  • How HVLS fans compare with other industrial fans
  • Benefits of wireless controls



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Rite from the Source Podcast  Rite from the Source Podcast 

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