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Dok-Lok® Controls Upgrade

Compatible with Rite-Vu™ Hazard Recognition and Control
Easier interlocking and future equipment upgrades
Support smart, connected equipment


  • Dok-Lok® Style Light Communication System – Upgraded NEMA 4X rated user interface with membrane switch buttons system allows for full integration of additional and future loading dock equipment. When interlocked in a safe sequence of operations, the controls help to ensure safety protocols and processes are followed.
  • One Simple, Centralized Control Panel – Dok-Commander® Combination Control Panel integrates multiple pieces of loading dock equipment, such as: vehicle restraints, dock levelers, overhead doors, dock lights, dock fans and Rite-Vu™ Hazard Recognition and Control. The Dok-Commander is compatible with most competitive hydraulic levelers.
  • Reduce Processes on Drive Approach – When the Dok-Commander® is combined with Lok-Vu™, a single or dual camera outside view is displayed on the interior Dok-Commander® panel. The system helps to confirm when a trailer is present and properly secured as well as verify trailer stand presence, eliminating the need for workers to step outside on the dangerous drive approach. Lok-Vu is also available as standalone. 
  • Dok-Lok® Status for Forklifts Entering and Exiting Trailer – System actively communicates Dok-Lok® status to material handlers entering and exiting the trailer via the Dok-Lok controls mounted to the left of the dock door opening.
  • Enhanced Protection from Impacts – Upgraded polycarbonate panel provides enhanced impact resistance at the loading dock to help protect equipment from material handling damage. If upgraded controls are impacted, a replaceable polycarbonate cover can be purchased
  • Long Lasting, Energy Efficient Lights – Flat chevron LED lights provide a cooler burning light with less amp draw, extending life of control box lights which are critical to safe communication around the loading dock.
  • Withstand Harsh Loading Dock Environment – Upgraded NEMA 4X controls offer a superior level of protection from corrosion and extreme loading environments, such as: windblown dust and rain, splashing water, and more. The flexible circuitry meets changing needs with easily updatable components and add-on features. Exterior lights are UL listed and designed with energy saving LED bulbs.
  • Industry Leading Warranty – Rite-Hite provides an exclusive network of representatives and industry leading planned maintenance programs; helping to ensure products are performing at their full potential. Upgraded controls standard warranty includes 1 year parts / 1 year labor. 


  • Safe Sequence of Operations – Upgraded controls are programmable to provide safe, custom sequential operation to help optimize safety at the loading dock or sequences to best fit your application, such as: Door Protection, Best Practice or Supply Chain Integrity. Safe Sequence of Operation helps ensure equipment is properly operated to protect employees, equipment and products. 
  • Enhanced Building Security – Upgraded controls paired with a Dok-Lok® vehicle restraint help physically enhance security when the control package is linked with a facility's active building security system. If an engaged restraint is tampered with, the building security system is notified and facility protocol is followed. 
  • Help Prevent Forklift Accidents at the Dock – With over 7,000 annual forklift accidents involving a forklift running off the edge of dock, Dok-Lok Controls actively communicate restraint status to material handlers before they enter and exit trailers.
  • Help Prevent Trailer Separation Accidents – Dok-Lok Controls help prevent early trailer departure by clearly informing dock personnel when they can safely enter or exit a trailer and inform truck drivers when it’s safe to depart.
  • Line-of-Sight Light Communication – Corner-Vu™ and Leveler-Vu™ provide immediate line-of-sight Dok-Lok® status to material handlers entering and exiting the trailer, helping reduce unnecessary forklift traffic and miscommunication by clearly indicating green (safe to enter) and red (unsafe to enter). The enhanced visual communication system mitigates the risk of control box obstruction from pallets, personnel, and forklifts.
  • Unlimited Auto-Refire Technology – Dok-Lok vehicle restraint will re-engage with RIG upon trailer movement to ensure optimal and consistent engagement, helping to protect material handlers, equipment and product.
  • Facilitate Future Equipment Upgrades – Upgraded controls allows for full integration of interlocks and Rite-Vu™ Hazard Recognition and Control components during or after purchase, requiring less hardware and allowing for easier field modification. The flexible circuitry supports any Dok-Lok restraint, allowing facilities to upgrade their equipment without the need to replace and install controls.
  • Safe Sequence of Operations Controls can interlock Dok-Lok® Vehicle RestraintsHydraulic Dock LevelersLoading Dock Safety BarriersDock LightsDock Fans and Rite-Vu™ Hazard Recognition and Control into the following sequences:
    1. Supply Chain Integrity – Allows controls to interface to help keep the supply chain safe in the following steps: 1. Verify trailer is at dock door to 2. engage Dok-Lok™. 3. Green light on inside control box will reflect safe engagement. 4. Open overhead door and 5. raise leveler into operational position. Proceed to 6. load and unload, once completed, 7. position leveler to store. 8. Close overhead door and 9. disengage Dok-Lok. 10. Red light on inside control box will reflect an unsecured trailer.
    2. Best Practice Sequence – Helps secure trailers and protect employees in the following steps: 1. Open overhead door and 2. verify trailer is at the dock door. Once verified, 3. engage Dok-Lok. 4. Green light on inside control box will reflect safe engagement. 5. Raise leveler into operational position and proceed to 6. load and unload. Once complete, 7. position leveler to store and 8. disengage Dok-Lok. 9. The inside control box will now be red to reflect an unsecured trailer. 10. Close overhead door.
    3. Door Protection Sequence – Helps protect overhead doors and employees by requiring door to be opened in order to operate leveler.
    4. Custom Sequence – Available through working with Rite-Hite representative.

Upgraded Dok-Lok® controls offer enhanced communication between dock personnel inside the building and truck drivers outside of the building with inside controls, outside communication lights and interior/exterior instructional signs. The controls facilitate the ability to immediately or incrementally incorporate any Rite-Vu Hazard Recognition and Control component, allowing facilities to:

Rite-Hite Communication and Control allows facilities to:

  • Incorporate line of sight light communication system status with Corner-Vu™ and Leveler-Vu™.
  • Extend Blue Light Policy to help prevent 80,000 annual forklift-pedestrian accidents by extending reaction time with Pedestrian-Vu™.
  • Help prevent 2nd leading cause of backover fatalities in the United States with Approach-Vu™, which utilizes a light and horn system to present a clear visual and audible warning to pedestrians in the drive approach when a backing vehicle is detected.
  • Verify Dok-Lok engagement and trailer stand presence via outside camera and inside monitor with Lok-Vu™, reducing the amount of processes on the dangerous drive approach.
  • Integrate multiple loading dock control components at each dock position for a total dock safety system with Dok-Commander® Combined Controls.

All components are available as standalone or incorporated with Dok-Lok Style Light Communication System. The Dok-Lok Style Light Communication System offers more flexibility, facilitating the greatest long-term yield per dock position. The system allows facilities to address their most urgent safety needs first but reserving the opportunity to integrate vehicle restraints and other safety solutions at a fraction of the cost compared to standalone equipment purchases.

Loading Dock Productivity Analytics

  • Monitor real-time loading dock status. Optional Dok-Lok Dock Timer digitally displays total engagement time at each position to help dock attendants prioritize loads and avoid costly detention and demurrage charges.
  • Leverage loading dock analytics with current and historical Dok-Lok efficiency and utilization data to identify areas of operational improvement through robust reporting and intuitive dashboards.
  • Receive trending productivity alerts and review correct actions / next steps.

Loading Dock Safety Analytics

  • Study and understand safety challenges, frequency trends and root cause with diagnostic analytics to proactively influence employee behavior.
  • Interactive Safety Assessment Tool helps place priority on specific safety events.

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