Automated Labeling

Automated Labeling by Caljan comprises standard industrial components, engineered into a cohesive system that matches your specific requirements.

Guaranteed throughput on every Automated Labeling system

Working closely with your team, we combine applicator, print module and intelligence. You have a single point of contact throughout. Our ability to meet expectations has been proved again and again, which is why we guarantee the throughput on your Automated Labeling system.

Accurate, automated labeling to pallets, boxes or polybags

Whether you want to label pallet feet, pallet content, parcels or even hanging textiles, we can provide an Automated Labeling system to suit. Labels can be applied at specific X, Y coordinates on the top, side or corner of a parcel. Automated labeling of textiles is robust, so the label stays in place even though it is applied to a garment hanging freely from a rail.

Multiple labels applied at different heights on palleted goods

Often pallets contain mixed loads. Labels bearing graphics, text and barcodes can be applied at the required height enabling swift identification. Caljan Automated Labeling has an applicator designed specifically for use with uneven surfaces, so you're sure the labels stay in place.

If labeling is key to your process, opt for automated labeling

Caljan Automated labeling systems deploy open architecture. This means once the system is up and running you are able to manage it yourselves. As our Automated Labeling systems are engineered individually, there are no unnecessary functions, so total cost of ownership is extremely low.

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