Every Dock: Communication Policy

Every Dock: Communication Policy

48% of employees said confusing direction led to an average of 40 minutes lost productivity per day, according to HR Magazine.

Why does a "Communication Policy" matter?
Every dock needs some sort of communication policy because it sets the foundation for a confident, safe, and productive workforce.

At a minimum, truck drivers need to know what door to go to, and material handlers need to know which trailers are ready for processing. However, often times clear visual communication is compromised due to obstructed control boxes or the lack of an effective system. At the loading dock, this poses a threat to both safety and productivity...

How a Dok-Lok® Style Light Communication System can HELP!
Facilitate the greatest long-term yield per dock position by selecting an optimizable Dok-Lok Style Light communication system which gives you the potential to add other pieces of safety equipment over time, as budgets allow.

Address your most urgent safety needs first, and reserve the opportunity to integrate a vehicle restraint and Hazard Recognition and Control solutions in the future, at a fraction of the cost compared to standalone equipment purchases.

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