FasTrax® FR Cold Storage Door

FasTrax® FR Cold Storage Door

With Rite-Hite’s FasTrax® FR’s speed, safe operation, tight seal and remarkable ability to withstand a warehouse environment from day one and everyday after that, you’ll keep enjoying the biggest advantage of FasTrax FR over conventional freezer doors - it’s long term cost savings.

The Thermal Air™ seal system on the FasTrax FR is the tightest on the market. It’s engineered to save energy. An insulated barrier between the freezer and the door tracks minimizes drafts. The door’s exclusive InsulMax curtain has a consistent R-Value from top to bottom. It’s durable to last yet flexible enough to create a tight seal. As a result, FasTrax FR practically eliminates frost around the edges of the door, frost on the face of the door, plus water on the floor from melting or condensation - problems that not only waste energy, but have the potential to cause injuries.

Learn more about FasTrax FR’s features and benefits and how it can save energy in your warehouse.

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