FasTrax High Speed Door

FasTrax High Speed Door

Speed, simplicity and safety combine to make Rite-Hite's FasTrax door the most reliable high performance door available.

Designed to work all the time, every time you need it. With speeds up to 100"/sec (2.5 m/sec) it's far less likely to sustain an impact than any other door. However, if an accidental impact does occur, Rite-Hite has the only doors with TRUE Auto Re-feed™. Designed to re-feed automatically after impact, on the fly, without manually resetting the door. The simple design of the FasTrax high speed door uses few moving parts, reducing much of the complexity found in other doors. The FasTrax is also designed for easy setup and safe operation. Learn more about the FastTrax High Speed Door and contact a representative today.

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