LiteSpeed High Speed Door

LiteSpeed High Speed Door

Rite-Hite’s LiteSpeed® high performance, high speed door takes the concept of the general duty industrial door and raises all the standards.  A whole new emphasis on performance, reliability and simplicity – fewer moving parts than competitive doors.  For more reliability and less maintenance, TRUE Auto Re-feed™ for automatic re-feeds on the fly after impact all on its own.

The exclusive soft bottom edge delivers a higher level of safety and protection for personnel and equipment.  The compact side frames and header create a smaller footprint for a wider view and cleaner looking installation.  The tough PVC vinyl curtain is completely heat sealed and made to and exceeds USDA, FDA and GMP standards.  The powerful motor and variable frequency drive system make for fast, efficient, class-leading speeds and super quiet performance.  LiteSpeed installs faster and easier.  In fact, by coming pre-wired from the factory, it installs up to two hours quicker than any other door in the class.


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