Cold Storage and Freezer Doors

Cold Storage and Freezer Doors

Imagine if you could teleport products in and out of your cold storage facility. There would be no need for openings between temperature zones. The temperature would never change. But in reality, openings and traffic are needed to move products, creating energy expenses, costing you time, wasting effort and creating safety hazards.

Your doors should save energy by reducing heat and humidity infiltration, improve quality by maintaining proper temperatures, and improve safety by minimizing condensation and ice build-up. Factors that increase costs at freezer openings are convection, conduction and defrost system costs.

Rite-Hite cooler and freezer doors improve efficiency in your work environment as they operate quickly and have a superior seal design that keeps the cold air where it needs to be. The FasTrax FR is designed to fit almost any interior high-cycle application and operates quickly to save energy and time. The Barrier Glider Freezer door has a bi-parting design which is generally the most efficient for taller, narrow openings.

Learn more about Rite-Hite’s cold storage doors and how you can start saving energy.

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