Rite-Hite Machine Guarding and Elevated Platform Protection

Rite-Hite Machine Guarding and Elevated Platform Protection

Automation has become a certainty for manufacturers across the world. According to Production Machining magazine, more than half (56%) of global companies currently use some type of automation – and that number is quickly rising!

Automation helps increase efficiency and production, while decreasing manufacturing and shipping lead times and MUCH MORE. Safeguards need to be put in place not only to reduce accidents but meet OSHA regulations and promote a high level of corporate safety.

Rite-Hite® machine guarding solutions, such as the Defender™ Automated Door, can help optimize and safeguard business processes such as production lines, packaging machinery, stretch wrap machines and robots/factory automation.

In addition, as facility managers look to maximize every inch of their facilities, the popularity of elevated work platforms and multi-level racking systems has dramatically increased. This has allowed companies to add floor space without adding to the facility’s footprint, which is generally less costly and time-consuming than expanding outward, leasing new space, or constructing a new facility. And although elevated work areas in industrial facilities can provide extra staging and storage space, they can also present a serious hazard to workers who must access freight delivered or stored at this level. Rite-Hite mezzanine safety gates, such as the GateKeeper® or RacKeeper®, can help prevent employees from falling off overhead platforms and elevated workstations.

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