Dok-Commander® with Sequence of Operations and Lok-Vu™

Dok-Commander® with Sequence of Operations and Lok-Vu™

Rite-Hite’s® industry leading NEMA 4X Dok-Commander® system, which integrates multiple pieces of loading dock equipment into one centralized control unit, now has the option to add a real-time trailer presence monitor that provides a camera view of the exterior vehicle restraint. It also lets you see when engagement with a trailer’s rear impact guard (RIG) takes place. 

The Dok-Commander system allows equipment such as Dok-Lok® vehicle restraints, overhead doors and dock levelers to be programmed so they operate in a safe sequential order. In all cases, that sequence begins with the RIG of the backing trailer getting secured to the exterior dock wall by the Dok-Lok restraint. Having a real-time camera view to confirm this engagement adds another layer of safety and efficiency to this process.


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