Insulator Dock Seal with Head Curtain Video

Insulator Dock Seal with Head Curtain Video

Loading docks are harsh environments. Dock equipment takes a beating from trailer traffic all day long, and your dock seals are first in line for the abuse. Plus, sealing at the top of the trailer isn’t always what it should be, and gaps remain, where light, dust, bugs and other elements can still enter the facility.

The Insulator Dock Seal from Rite-Hite, however, is uniquely built, with state-of-the-art materials and design that provide unmatched durability and sealing. In a category of its own, Insulator provides the highest return on your dock seal investment. Let’s learn how.

Since foam dock seals are compressed by the force of the backing trailer, their components are subject to extreme pressure. This pressure, together with the friction that’s created from trailer drop during loading and unloading, eventually destroys most dock seals.

But Insulator dock seals are different. They’re engineered to resist damage from severe friction and trailer pressure, so they hold up when other dock seals fail.

First, Insulator side pads are reinforced on the front and inside surfaces with high-strength, Durathon fabric, over a flexible vinyl base layer. Durathon’s unique, pebble-grained finish creates a slippery, friction-resistant surface that minimizes damage from trailer pressure and forklift contact. This single-surface reinforcing provides better, longer-lasting protection than sewn-on wear pleats, which tear and fray over time.

Next, Rite-Hite super-reinforces the parts of the dock seal that need it most: the corners. Tough, multi-layer wear boots resist damage from sharp trailer corners, and eliminate the need for wear pleats in this area. Plus, the corner wear boots, as well as the head curtain face, are attached with hook and loop fasteners, so they can be easily removed and replaced in minutes, for simple, low-cost maintenance.

Finally, the entire Insulator head curtain structure is built with durable, impactable materials, to protect it from incidental trailer contact -- impact that would destroy traditional head curtain designs.

The Insulator is not only the industry’s most durable dock seal, it’s also the best sealing. Ordinary head curtains rest with little pressure or tension against the top of the trailer door frame, offering limited sealing ability. Wind outside, or air pressure inside the building, can cause gaps to form beneath the curtain and at the corners. When windstraps break, the problem gets worse.

Insulator head curtains, however, are designed to create and keep a better seal on the trailer.

First, they are adjustable with easy-rolling pull-ropes, and feature a self-locking pressure edge that keeps the curtain securely in place when the trailer is in position at the dock. As the trailer backs into position, it compresses the side pads. This force causes the dual pressure panels to grab and lock the curtain’s rigid sealing edge, preventing movement. The curtain automatically releases when the trailer departs.

What’s more, with ordinary dock seals, protrusions at the back of the trailer cause gaps that ordinary head curtains leave unsealed. But the Insulator curtain design fills in these gaps, blocking light, dust, pests and other unwanted elements from entering your facility.

Finally, all Insulator headers are protected with exclusive Firefighter heat dissipation technology inside. This triple-layer foil construction prevents the header from burning due to the heat buildup of compressed trailer marker lights. Firefighter is the industry’s only proven and guaranteed protection against this danger.

The Insulator Dock Seal comes standard with all of these exclusive features, for maximum safety, durability and sealing effectiveness. For flexibility in all applications, Insulator seals are also customizable in a variety of different fabrics and configurations to meet your specific needs.

Ask your Rite-Hite Representative today for more information. And choose Insulator. There is a difference.

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