Zoneworks - A Better Way. A Better Wall.

Zoneworks - A Better Way. A Better Wall.

What if you could redesign, reconfigure, and customize your industrial space without the downtime, investment, and permanence of traditional construction? What if there was a better way? What if there was a better wall? Well, there is – Zoneworks industrial curtain walls from Rite-Hite.

These modular, flexible walls hang from the ceiling and can be custom-configured to your exact needs and for your exact usage, including: temperature and humidity control; noise containment; and fume, dust or particulate control. Best of all, because they are easy to setup and reconfigure, curtain walls can be changed as your needs change.

Here’s what makes Zoneworks curtain walls so easy:

There’s typically no permitting required

Installation takes hours, not weeks

There’s no need to remove racking (typically)

You’ll get more floor space because no protective curbing or steel is required

And you’ll pay less than you would for brick and mortar or insulated metal panel walls

That’s it – completely customizable walls designed to work with you, on your terms.

And when it comes to needs analysis, custom design, and engineering, you’ve got peace of mind knowing that you’re working with the industry leader. Our global network of reps, installation support, and ongoing customer service is recognized worldwide. Locate a Rite-Hite representative to get started today!

Zoneworks by Rite-Hite – A Better Way. A Better Wall.

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