Planned Maintenance Video

Planned Maintenance Video

From the world's most sophisticated, highly engineered systems, to equipment we all rely on, to even the simple tasks we perform every day... there is a common goal: protecting your investment through planned maintenance.

The same is true for loading dock levelers, vehicle restraints and industrial doors - systems battered every day by forklift traffic and tractor trailers. For example, a typical dock leveler sees close to one-hundred-thousand forklift crossings each year. Even the best made equipment can't take that kind of beating without some care and attention.

Protecting your loading dock and industrial door equipment doesn't have to be complicated. A Planned Maintenance Program through a certified Rite-Hite service provider makes it easy. Just look at the numbers:

  • Service repair costs can be reduced by 12 - 18% over the lifetime of the equipment
  • Energy bills can be cut by 5 - 20%
  • Longer equipment lifetime means greater ROI
  • And fewer equipment failures add up to higher revenue and optimal productivity.

Your Rite-Hite Planned Maintenance Program starts with a free facility survey... inspecting and assessing every piece of dock and door equipment. You'll receive a full report with recommendations for maintenance or repairs. Planned maintenance visits can be scheduled monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, yearly, or on whatever schedule works for you.

Our technicians are factory-trained and equipped with fully stocked trucks to troubleshoot any piece of equipment. Their visits include a five-step process:

  • Clean: we remove debris from equipment and components to ensure longer life and a more efficient workplace
  • Inspect: finding potential problems before they bring operations to a halt
  • Lubricate: protecting components from corrosion, premature wear and moisture
  • Adjust: making sure equipment runs smoothly and consistently
  • Document: showing completed service work and indicating areas of concern, saving you potential headaches down the road

You invested in quality Rite-Hite equipment, so protect your investment. Get peace of mind knowing that you are proactively managing your industrial equipment with a Planned Maintenance Program through your Rite-Hite representative. And you'll save time and money in the process.

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