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IIoT Facility Management Software

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) introduces bidirectional communication to industrial facilities through networked sensors or smart devices. It offers predictive analysis, artificial intelligence and new data sets to management teams so you can efficiently identify, analyze and eliminate behaviors and processes that may be holding back your operations – including issues you didn’t even know existed.

See What You're Missing

Opti-Vu® IIoT is a facility management software platform that (taps into / is fueled by) the tremendous data collection capabilities of Rite-Hite products to capture those moments you’re missing. You can monitor numerous events throughout the day and focus on the events that matter most to your facility, your job and your people.

        Opti-Vu Facility Management Software 

Capture the information you need for current and future data-driven decisions. When Rite-Hite equipment is made smart, the warehouse optimization software delivers real-time tools and historical data about loading dock and in-plant productivity, safety, energy, and asset management.

Launch, manage, and transform the way you use data. You’ll also be able to view and track actionable recommendations based on your company’s own data – served up by the warehouse management software.

  • Increase loading dock utilization and productivity
  • Modify safety behavior at the loading dock and in-plant
  • Review energy use by door and reduce consumption





What Can You Do With Opti-Vu?

Loading Dock Productivity Software - leverage
your loading dock analytics.

  • Monitor real-rime dock status
  • Establish, track & optimize productivity, efficiency and utilization targets
  • Get alerts and trend updates
  • Review robust reporting

Warehouse Safety Management Software - access 
power of proactive safety tools.

  • Review detailed loading dock, in-plant & intersection analytics to reduce collision risks
  • Identify and help address unsafe events in real time
  • Determine root causes & frequency trends to aid corrective action training
  • Get real-time alerts and trend updates sent to your phone or computer

Facility Energy Optimization Software - discover energy
saving opportunities.

  • Compare and diagnose energy use across multiple data points
  • Control and minimize energy loss
  • Study and understand challenges and their causes with diagnostic analytics
  • Get customized comparisons by day, week, month, quarter or year

Facility Asset Management - engage with informed decision
making in new ways.

  • Plan and manage availability of equipment
  • Monitor and analyze usage data
  • Evaluate equipment faults
  • Document “out-of-service” alerts


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