Loading Dock Lights

Properly lit trailers at the loading dock play an important role in keeping workers safe, plus OSHA standard 1910 requires loading docks to be lighted. A heavy-duty and flexible light design is needed to withstand the harsh loading dock environment and to improve the inadequate lighting conditions inside trailers.

Enhance productivity, safety and energy efficiency at your loading dock with one of these dock light options:

  • Rite-Lite® Flex Neck LED Loading Dock Light with a multi-articulating arm allows for multiple bend points to accommodate obstructions that may be encountered at the loading dock; won't droop or sag. Rated for 175,200 hours! Includes six CREE LED's that consume only 18 watts while outputting 950 lumens. The innovative motion sensing technology senses when a forklift or person is leaving a trailer and automatically dims the light to 25% output, restoring to full power after a few seconds.
  • Rite-Lite HD-LED Dock Light is impact resistant (no glass) and cool to the touch all day long. Optional spring arm helps protect from overhead door and fork truck impacts.
  • Cool Head Dock Light is an economical choice for the traditional incandescent loading dock lights; made of a polycarbonate head and stays cool to the touch. Optional spring arm helps protect from overhead door and fork truck impacts.
  • All lights are UL/cUL Listed and CE Certified

Rite-Hite Loading Dock Lights keep you in compliance, and more!

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