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Insulated Compactor Enclosure

The Zoneworks® Compactor Enclosure provides an environmental control solution for trash compactors and dumpsters.

The Compactor Enclosure offers these unique benefits:

  • Maintain consistent temperatures and humidity levels in your facility for increased energy efficiency.
  • Keep wind and inclement weather outside, and a safe, comfortable environment for employees inside.
  • Save money with a cost-effective design, easy installation and minimal long-term maintenance.
  • Reduce tonnage and disposal costs by preventing rainwater from soaking into cardboard.

Insulated Compactor Enclosure Construction

Custom-designed for your application, the Zoneworks Compactor Enclosure is constructed of a strong steel framework, our insulated fabric curtain wall panels, and a corrugated steel roof with integral skylight. The enclosure also features quick access openings on both sides so workers can easily access the compactor's latching system.

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