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Dok-Vu Dock and Yard Management Software

Dock and Yard Management Software | Dok-Chat Logistics Communication Software

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Dok-Vu® Dock and Yard Management Software

Dok-Vu is a secure, browser-based software system with an intuitive loading dock and yard dashboard that brings clarity and order to your supply chain. Dok-Vu eliminates the noise, clutter and confusion of paper-based processes with advanced visual management tools to help view and manage appointments, monitor dwell times and help keep docks fully utilized.  


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"Dok-Vu is a game changer that takes our logistics operations to the next level and allows us to operate more efficiently and get more trucks in and out of our facility."

- General Manager, Food Facility.

Synchronize Logistics Communication

Supervisors can view and manage the loading dock and yard at once through automated, real-time intuitive dashboards, keeping the team together through every step of the logistics process.

Control Detention and Demurrage

Logistics personnel can reduce costly detention and demurrage charges by tracking actual load times, dwell times and real-time and historical dock utilization through robust reporting. 

Become the Shipper of Choice

Carriers can utilize advanced kiosk registration and text alerts to help expedite the timely check-in process for drivers with preloaded appointment details available at their fingertips. 




What Can You Do With Dok-Vu?

  • Leverage robust visual management and scheduling tools

  • Access the power of intuitive loading dock and yard dashboards

  • Discover text messaging capabilities to synchronize communication across all stakeholders

  • Engage with yard personnel and carriers in real-time


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